Consensus Economics applied to real word use cases.

Another step towards the evolution of finance.

NFTcave — Staketoshi’s Vision.

…A world in which all benefit from generating value and where collectivism is generated by self interest.

From Rat Race to Shared Economy.

From a predatory economic model and society based on capitalist competition to a united economy in which working together and combining resources is the standard.

Just as in the synergetic evolution of complexity, since the Big Bang onwards, we find organic complexity in biology and now we find the same synergetic combinations developing throughout the crypto economy.

Universe demonstrates continuous agglomeration into complexity from simplicity.

If you want to go fast, go alone — If you want to go far, go together.

We are all crew members on this Spaceship Earth.

We constitute the crew traveling the cosmos on a round and spinning spaceship called Planet Earth.

The internet gave us the trampoline up into the next level of our human experience, breaking the barriers of communications like a rising tide.

Now Bitcoin and crypto currencies are doing the same thing to Value.

Previous to January the 3th 2009 (the Genesis Block), it was impossible to have conceived of a virtual singularity, now we have the capability of generating limited identity for virtual things.

Virtual Art is in a novel phase of development, and so are new business models which present us with unimaginable potential, indeed as hard for anyone to foresee as it was impossible to predict Google’s success at the beginning of the internet during the 1990s..

We have a vision where collaboration implies a new standard of business practice and we are building the tools for it.

Starting with a decentralized market for loans, renting, leasing and borrowing in the form of tokenized assets applicable to absolutely anything, from houses, cars, to abstract assets, even virtual clothes and paraphernalia usable in future Games and Virtual Realities and much more, limited only by one’s imagination and use case.

Tokens such as ERC-XX, delegated voting power or even buying power can be lent out, loaned, or leased.

AThis is is way of handling virtual goods, services and experiences have been developed, thanks to the digital singularity.

We have seen the potential and the results of world wide collaborations in the incredible success of Kickstarter and then later on in the decentralized crowdfunding methods such as Initial Coin Offerings.(ICO)

Now, we see how this is evolving into Quadratic Funding, where even the smallest contribution by any user matters and makes a difference.

And it is there where we see a need for tools, tools to cooperate and collaborate with no risk of trust being violated or misappropriated.

For this we Designed the xWallets.

Pieces of code for anyone to use.

In a few words, it enables 2 or more participants to add resources for a common objective without the question of trust being in doubt.

For a new step in evolution, we ask the Question,

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, we follow his mission and intention to make the world a better place for us all and so we have started to design the New Era tools to achieve it.

We present the xWallets:

Software pieces for collaborations and cooperation's with our trust risk. Allowing to combine resources in new way.

We are designing the new facilities and infrastructure, the new rails, to the existing economic reality.

Sharing the “un-shareable”

Digital assets are changing the way we think about benefits, profits, collaboration, and sharing.

Join in with us on this venture.

Thank you.

Tokenize Assets. Trade, lend, lease or collateralize NFTs. A decentralized platform built for Crosschain token utilities expansions.