— — — — — —— Wait, What ?!?! — — — — — —

Bonus NFTs !!……….“”O.o””

You Know what NFTs are, right? They are already well known

So? -Very well known by who?

-Good question! I was afraid you would not ask.

Only a fraction of the world population has even heard about them,

and even for us there is still much to learn and understand.

Are you beginning to grok it?

This is just the beginning:

I will briefly go over what the NFT is, and then go to the next level of “evolving” NFTs.

So NFTs are Digital Singularities, only made possible since the original Blockchain was established in 2009, and then carried forward by Ethereum in 2015 and so giving the world the Trust generated by the flat consensus network which we all love, with its real use cases and amazingly creative potential for being the rails of the emerging tokenization of assets in gaming, the physical world, and the arts in all its forms.

Now, having got this far let’s look at the the next level of NFT

>>>> Smart NFTs and Bonus NFTs <<<<

Are another level up of NFTs which open up creative new ecosystems.

It is a novel way of distributing bonuses, VIP’s access (a metric of status), and other kinds of benefits to the NFT holders without the risk of its being stolen or at risk of being digitally duplicated.

With the Xwallets you can rent for the first time in history your Bonus and your VIP access with the Trust algorithmically built-in.

Smart NFT

One of the capabilities of Smart NFTs is the opportunity to create propagating passive income and financial agility.

An NFT, as with the Matryoshka model, embedded in each other.

An NFT, containing Matryoshka-like Tokens, or other Smart NFTs which can be time stamp dependent (Inheritances is a good use case) or include other agreed conditions, included fractally within other NFTs.


>> NFT >within> NFT >within> NFT >>>…>>>

Tokenize Assets. Trade, lend, lease or collateralize NFTs. A decentralized platform built for Crosschain token utilities expansions.