Presentation and Feedback letter to YYG Whitepaper;

Fantastic Whitepaper, Great design of Vault rewards! I enjoyed the trip.

The Yearn Guild team is writing History!

Feedback Note on the YGG Whitepaper ; Personal opinion and thoughts;

“YGG is the equivalent to the Red Bull of Blockchain”

It feels like these guys are doing what is needed to change, reaching new highs.

The formation and expansion of Yearn Guild Games, Sub Guilds and other WwGuilds are novel powerful tools, great potential and, in a view point, the equivalent to a religion, terrorism group or organized mafia. In other as a Trojan horse.

“Play-To-Earn; Trojan horse to capitalism”

If we remember the incredible story of GME pump, done by gamers and other cyberunks, we can see an example of this effect. In the case of World Wide Guilds, groups of people very organized and with a common objective could be unstoppable.

If we leave the potential of organized Pump&Dump done by Guilds on the side for one moment, and focus on other uses of this unified power.

We can see an unstoppable, camouflaged by gaming, new standard of living and sharing.

Krypto Kitties, Sprinterlands, Axie Infinity, F1deltatime, Sandbox, Gamee, GoG, YGG and many others are pioneers.

This moment in time will be remembered forever, disrupting capitalism. It feels like the first signs of light in the eternal darkness of modern slavery. Incredible future ahead for YGG.

Lots of respect to the YYG team

Best luck with breeding!

And who are we?

We are a small team located in the EU creating utilities for blockchain gamers.

We just posted an introduction to the first market for players; Trooper

With the growth of play-to-earn, a trojan horse to capitalism, soon to be seen similar as business, for which we started developing tools, apart from Trooper, we are working on;

  • Guild Wallets, Bonus wallet; Multi-Renting Utility.
  • Decentralized Sponsorships (non-zero-sum structures)
  • Token creating and funding for Games, Gamers and Guilds. (non-zero-sum structures)

Moving forwards we will add a token on top of Trooper, to be rewarded to users and gamers (including old ones, retroactively), creating an additional layer of income for playing games:

Dual salary — Play mining & Work mining.

This is not public to avoid being scammed.

Once the market is established, it will be rapidly expanded.

Imagine an Upwork-like platform with a dual salary model, “Work-Mining” disrupting the job market niche.

For more details about NFTcave, please see our Gitbook;

— — —

Additionally services and utilities for gamers and NFTs we have been thinking about and are of the opinion they need to be expanded.

  • Health insurance for gamers and matching “Doctors Dao”.
  • Education and Sport incentivations → Edutainment and learn-to-earn / Fitness-to-earn
  • Gaming training.
  • Gamers Rights.
  • Inheritances
  • 2nd hand Hardware market for Guilds / Gamers.
  • The Uber of 3D printers + Market for 3D patterns as NFT + insurance + repair / replace on Hardware for Guild members.
  • The Uber of the internet for guild members. plan B if the internet fails.
  • Gamers Tinder.

Thank you.

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