The first decentralized job market for gamers.

  • The unexplored inter-operability in-game items in the form of NFTs.

The unexplored inter-operability in game items in the form of NFTs

“Why would anyone hire gamers?”

— -Before Play-to-earn and cross game players and NFT’s — -

Most people are hired to help to farm in-game resources or overcome the most challenging adventures and enemies.

In some cases it is about the company.

— — After Play-to-earn and cross game players and NFT’s — -

With the NFTs in gaming, the paradigm switches, adaptation is required!

Some of the reasons for hiring gamers with the current tech in mind are:

1.1 — Hire gamers who are owners of inter-operable NFTs.

In some cases, limited owners of rare and cross-game NFTs are more beneficial to hire or play wirth, Such as for example the possibility of racing the same CARs in different games.

Making the cost lower by avoiding the need to buy a car in each game and giving additional earning possibilities due to the accumulated NFT experience and bonus.

Or hire the Metakey holders

Metakey — over 100 use cases in one single NFT.

A limited edition Key to use in many games, giving a certain boost, making it more likely to earn more than the regular gamer in every game it is included.

or hire the Oogies NFT holders;

1.2 — Companions and companions.

There are companions for game adventures which are controlled by a human being.

And others which are not, and I do not mean the BOT virus, I mean the cross-game companions at 9LiveArena; THE OOGIES.

Introducing Ooogy from 9Lives Arena:

The World’s First 24/7 Cross-Platform Companion

Meet Ooogy, your number one employee in competitive online RPG 9Lives Arena — and diligent companion in the My Ooogy mobile app for now, the future will let us see how many other games include it.

The magic is to be able to earn more in each game.

The Ooogy gets better over time and gathers additional skills, very useful in each game while also giving a potential boost in earnings ;)

1.3 — Hire Gamers with big amounts of NFTs holdings.

For gamers with a big amount of NFTs it can imply higher hourly rates.

For the guilds hiring it can imply higher chances of winning or higher price options.

Not only the value, but also the utility of each NFT matters.

Accumulating NFTs can end up in not only gathering digital value, but also opening doors to the best guilds or gamers’ positions in the space.

But where to find them? TROOPER!

2 — How cross-game NFTs are changing the gaming industry.

Having clear in mind the concept of being able to take one’s grown value and track record in any game to any other game (Cross-Game).

It seems that only time and creativity will tell what is possible and where the new limits will appear.

To help to identify potential applications and add value to the growth of the whole industry, we have dedicated time trying to come up with deductions and basic concepts to understand further;

  • Players are the main component.

Since most of the cross game NFTs are limited collections, some players will be very special, and rare, making those players more likely to win and earn in other orders of magnitude.

Gamers who own those NFTs are very aware of their potential and uniqueness.

Not because we are in the game industry, we take it as a game.


The first decentralized job market for gamers.

3 — Why is a Decentralized Gamers’ Job market needed?

What does Trooper bring to the gamosphere?

It creates an instant market in gamers’ skills which attract backers who make funds available for them to upgrade the caliber of their accessories that are also interchangeable across all games, interoperability gives super fluidity to Value in algorithmically guaranteed Trust.

Trooper is the first decentralized job market

All the options to showcase their unique gamer skills and to get hired or hire the greatest gamers, to give every guild in the world the platform to be up to date with latest gamers’ offerings and gamers with best payment options.

Problems in current market situation:

  • High commissions in similar platforms, up to 20%


  • Near to cost free matching platform for all gamers with their immutable track record.

Gaming is scaling and there is not even time to blink!

Want to be the first one trying it out ? Fill this form to get listed as soon as we go live!

Shape your mousses, clean your keyboards, it is Play-to-earn time!

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