TROOPER — Hire gamers.

TROOPER — Hire gamers.


TROOPER — Hire troops for your game adventures.

Trooper is the first market for gamers.

With the incredible growth and expansion of blockchain gaming projects like F1deltatime, SandBox, Axie Infinity and their Scholarships, Yield Guild Games, Guild Of Guardian, Zen Run, and such focus on composability like Metakey and many others, it starts to be very obvious that there is a need for a job market-like platform for Blockchain gamers.

We at NFTcave, back in the summer of 2020, started to have this vision of gaming becoming a new business-like standard, and started the design of different tools for this emerging and revolutionary way of living, Play-To-Earn.

Today we are excited to showcase the first images of the coming market for gamers, TROOPER:

Landing Page:

Register and start earning as a gamer or hire the best gamers out there to boost your guild.

Are you a Gamer or a Sponsor ready to back a player?

Create a Token for you or for your guild.

It is the moment to develop your best strategies, the world wide guild competition has started!

Fully categorized interface. Find a substitute for the coming tournament.

See prices and track record of any player.

Go forward and see the full description of the player, their favorite games and standings, and their last prizes.

Full list of NFT and bonus for games

Player profile view, to edit and manage their rates and NFTs.

And full rewards and earning dashboard, to track every detail

Total rewards, last rewards, total time played, etc…

Want to be the first one trying it out ? Fill this form to get listed as soon as we go live!

Shape your mousses, clean your keyboards, it is Play-to-earn time!

Following through the expanded Gitbook;

From NFTcave

Who is NFTcave?
A team of crypto enthusiasts and builders.

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