• The unexplored inter-operability in-game items in the form of NFTs.
  • How cross-game NFTs are changing the gaming industry.
  • Why do we need a Gamers Job market Dashboard?

The unexplored inter-operability in game items in the form of NFTs

“Why would anyone hire gamers?”

“YGG is the equivalent to the Red Bull of Blockchain”

TROOPER — Hire gamers.

Trooper is the first market for gamers.

— — — — — —— Wait, What ?!?! — — — — — —

Bonus NFTs !!……….“”O.o””

“ Non Fungible Tokens”

Another step towards the evolution of finance.

NFTcave — Staketoshi’s Vision.

We stand for a social model emerging from the Internet, providing us the tools to build the platforms fit for purpose within the synergy of cross chain algorithms arising within a our immediate future.

“The crew of Spaceship Earth”

Nftcave - Staketoshi

Tokenize Assets. Trade, lend, lease or collateralize NFTs. A decentralized platform built for Crosschain token utilities expansions.

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